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Foundation Activities
Anatomic therapy Foundation trust which work for an individual human beings development, human beings liveliness, renovation of society, welfare of our circumstances and surroundings and enforcing many welfare activities.
For Physical Health:
One’s healthy life includes their physical movement and maintenance. By introducing ‘Anatomic heal by hearing’ therapy which leads the people to follow with their day to day activities by concreting many things to this world and countless people are getting benefit by conducting Physical exercise, Yoga asanas, triggering varma points, Mudras, Meditaions, Body cleansing Exercise, Nature life class and awareness programmes etc.,
For Mind:
Can acquire complete health by keeping mind happily. Many people have suffered from mind problems. So, we are conducting a class in the name of ‘The smell of mind’ to keep the mind in concentration, to eliminate mind problems and to lead them a happy life We providing the people a three days free yoga vipassana class to destroy unwanted recordings in the mind and to know more and more about mind.
For Education:
Banu’s Home Education System – It prepares a parent well knowledged before a child. The syllabus is ready from womb to school stage. To know more log on
For Relationship:
The world has bond by love. Love makes to understand everything. How to love everyone? and how to get love from other? For these questions we are conducting a awareness class as "The Art of Love" which connecting all in love. And it helps for husband and wife to love each other.
For Nature Agriculture:
Action plans have been taken to recover the destroying natural farming. And to save the traditional seeds, encourage the non-chemical fertilizer and manure, forms the natural agriculture colony and also ensuring the green revolution in Terus gardening. Everyone can give their participation with us.
For Awareness through residential camp programme:
To get solution for physical and physiological issues we conduct one day, three day's and five day's programme in all over the world The art of Human lives as Human Beings.
Anatomic Therapy Five Day's Camp In this can get solution for physical and physiological issues, physical exercise, meditation, yogas and asanas, spiritual class and also the duties of us for this world life etc.,. These are clearly explained by conducting a workshop here.
For Yoga Vipassana:
To understand everybody themselves is Vipassana. This free class conducted to understand us clearly who we are. We provide food and accommodation freely for the participants.
Thandra Vazhiyil Thambathyam:
Only above 18years GENTS will be allowed for this program. They lecture how relationship should be between husband and wife. Comfort, pleasure, mind relaxation, concentrating in work, relaxed sleep, happy family, planning for chlidrens future, and to live long life to get all these thing and want to live a happy life for those people this program is conducted. This program will be conducted. Extra topic will be taught like yoga, meditation, how to clean our body. In this program, we will be providing natural food in the morning, delicious lunch in the afternoon and thannikanci in night.
No one in this world clearly said about is this and shy to hear. Hr.Baskar and Bothipravesh jointly presents.
Pengale Pengalukaga:
Under Construction
Fine Arts:
We throw away so many things which we use daily in our life. Here after we can design those wastage things decoratively instead of throwing away. This is the concept of fine arts. This art is taught by Mr. Rajesh Transforming the unwanted papers as paste with adhesive gums and making statues, hand craft idols. Making the attractive mobile stands, pens out of the coconut tiles, making artful things out of the use and throw things like thermacol, cartoon boxes,engraving the waste wooden logs and creating beautiful statues, as well as utilizing the iron bars,tin sheets for making some useful things are the contend of this fine art.