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Each one is right in their own perspective
It does mean that if you are right,
that I am at the wrong end!!
Each one has different views on approaching things!!
- Healer Baskar
Healer Baskar is great saint of this generation. He is an expert in sharing his ideas with the common people. Irrespective of the field, he gets to know of it first hand either through research, experience or through scientific method he finds out new methods and teaches the common man its benefits in the easiest way they can use in a service motive. He is working towards spirituality and for all the souls in the world.
From being affected by different disease in childhood and having taken various treatment for it without any benefit, then with his own experience and research, he discovered ways by which the body gets well on its own.
Thus, he worked for a long time with the help of medicines and injections and one fine day, he ran away from that company without informing them because he could not work any further in this condition. He has been teaching his discoveries without any monetary benefit for all the people. In his life he thinks that things that we do without expecting any favor is Karma Yoga and he follows it religiously.