Welcome to Anatomic Therapy Foundation
Welcome to anatomic therapy foundation
1. The vision of the Foundation is to enable all the people on earth to lead a healthy and robust life. Accordingly, the Foundation is educating the public on preventive measures and nature cure methods for all kinds of ailments.
2. Daily Training Programs are conducted free of cost in Schools, Colleges, Offices, Apartments and public places. More than ten lakh people have taken part in these programs and have been benefited.
3. In order to reach the entire world, training programs and e-Books are made available in our website www.anatomictherapy.org for FREE download.More than 50 lakhs people have visited our website and have downloaded the FREE DVDs and e-Books and have been benefited.
4. Individuals who have been benefited through Anatomic Therapy are encouraged to print and distribute the copies of DVDs and e-Books FREE of cost to their friends, relatives. And also for their family functions and official functions.
5. Regular training programs of five days are being conducted. The following subjects are dealingwith:
Food Habits
Various methods of Meditation
Physical Exercises
Varma Healing
The benefits of Mudra
The benefits of Mud Bath
The benefits of Banana Leaf Bath
How to strengthen Inter-personal relationship within family
How to clean the eyes, nose and intestines
6. To disseminate the sixty four Arts and Crafts of our ancestors, Healer Baskar has started a monthly magazine in Tamil “AmaidhiyumAarokiyamum”. The topics are like Nature cure, Astrology, Culinary, Spirituality, Varma healing, Self defence, etc., and a variety of useful information are also found in the monthly magazine.
7. While Anatomic Therapy Foundation vehemently opposes all kinds of medicines; some crooks are selling medicines in our name! The public are requested to be aware of false propaganda and similar looking websites. Our website is www.anatomictherapy.org

Anatomic Therapy Foundation was founded by Healer Baskar. It is located in Coimbatore and offering service to the public. The aims of this foundation are:

Enabling people to lead a healthy life through nature cure
To cure disease through appropriate food habits
To disseminate the essence of all religions and cultures
To teach preventive methods and nature cure methods to the general public
To establish educational institutions for the economically challenged people
To establish nature cure hospitals
To pursue Research and Development in nature cure
To enable nature cure to reach all segments of people
To educate the general public on human values
To initiate R&D in the field of agriculture and to disseminate the same to all
To ensure that the entire world population is healthy, joyful and peaceful