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Anatomic therapy treatment by Telugu full video
1.How to cure all the disease without taking medicine?
2.How to cure diabetic by eating sweet?
3.How to overcome obesity without concentrating on diet ?
4.How to keep the mind in peaceful?
5.How to keep the mind with positive thoughts ?
6.How to love the life partner?
7.How to cure Bp by eating salt?
Lend us your ears and get cured of all your diseases. Just listen to Healer Baskar’s  talk and follow the simple instructions and get an experience of the miraculous healing. There is no need of any medicines, exercises, acupressure, mudras or physiotherapy in this method.
There is no food restrictions and  there is no need to avoid any type of food.
You can eat any thing you wish to have.
This treatment is not religion based. Anyone can take this. All you have to do is listen to Healer Baskar’s talk. He will be talking for about 4 hours. You will have to listen fully. Then the treatment is over.

A few basic concepts are explained below:
Contamination of the blood is the root cause for all diseases.
By cleansing the impurities of the blood all diseases will be cured.
By regulating the food, drinking water, breathing air, sleep and work or physical activity the blood can be purified.
By regulating the food 50% of the diseases can be cured.
Together with regulating the food, regulating the drinking water, sleep, physical activity, and the breathing air, the permanent cure can be maintained.
Learn how to regulate all these aspects through the DVD which has been produced by Healer Baskar.

Anatomic therapy treatment by Telugu full videos
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