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Terms & Conditions
All information and explanation in anatomic therapy are developed out of experience and gathered information for the benefit of our audience and followers. We advise you to learn and follow the method and procedure explained personally or in the web site or in the DVD or any other mode of communication to cure your sickness and improve your health.
If you are on medication for any illness, we strongly advise you to continue the medication and anatomic therapy simultaneously. We do not advise you to stop the medication or change the dosage of medication without your Doctors’ advice.
We are not responsible for any side effects, reactions in your body directly or indirectly because of anatomic therapy and any other monetary or non-monetary losses incurred in using anatomic therapy.
For everyone in the world to live a life soaked in good health, love, clarity, tranquility, smartness, peace, prosperity, lasting happiness and profound inner joy, Healer Baskar has undertaken the work of publishing a monthly magazine called 'STAY TRANQUIL STAY HEALTHY' (Amaidhiyum Aarokkiamum). All our friends should surely subscribe and start enjoying the wonderful benefits of great health and tranquil mind through the life changing messages in the magazine.