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One Stone Nine Mango
Dear Friends,
This is Healer Baskar,
ONE STONE NINE MANGO" Yes if anybody wants my all lanuguage speech audio books plz send a mail to Email - id: onestoneninemango@gmail.com
1. Introduction text mail
2. Healer Baskar books in all lanuguage Tamil, Telugu, Kannadam, Malayalam, Hindi, English, Malay, Urdu Books ect.
3. Rangaratina Ragasiyam tamil audio. how to to convert Sad. Tension, Angry, Fear in to happy peace immediately.
4. Anatomic Therapy audio tamil 10 hours. how to cure all disease without medicine.
5. Smel of Mind 10 hours tamil audio about concious Mind, Subconcious Mind, Suprconcious Mind art of loving husband and wife relation secret.
6. Duva Sllep tamil audio. how to keep others to deep sleep with in 15 minutes.
7. Healer Baskar's tamil audio in 60 diffrent topics.
8. World Politcs 7 hours tamil speech about the illuminaties or secret society.
9. PDF Books 24 nos of tamil monthly magazines Amaidhiyum Aarokiyamum.
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