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Anatomic Therapy Five Day Residential Camp New Syllabus Video
Healer Baskar, the founder of Anatomic Therapy Foundation, is personally conducting the five-day Anatomic Therapy Program at Anandha Sangamam Ashram. The Ashram is situated in a peaceful location surrounded by nature. The Ashram is 16 km from Dindigul.
Activities during the five days program:  Apart from daily morning and evening exercises, yoga and meditation, there will be classes on Anatomic Therapy,  Manam Aga Oli DhyanamVarma Kalai and Mudra. There will also be special session on maintaining harmonious relationship between husband and wife.
Body Purification: For purifying the body, practice is given in Banana Leaf Bath. The method of Enima is taught to clean the Intestines; the art of cleansing the eyes and nose is taught; Oil Pulling is taught to maintain excellent health of the mouth.