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➢ It is a self-cure process -- without any necessity for any sort of medicine, tablet or capsule !
➢ When we regulate and systematize the in-take of our food, water and regulate our respiration, sleep and physical work consciously, our body can cure all diseases by itself.
➢ Consumption of medicine and tablets can altogether be stopped in just 6 months.
➢ Note : To talk precisely on it : 1 hour ; and elaborately : 10 hours.
➢ Tastes are of 6 types of taste :- Salt, Hot, Sweet, Astringent, Sour & Bitter. By mastering the art of “How to eat” and “How much to eat each of these components”, we can cure our diseases ourselves. It is known by the name of “Taste Therapy”.
➢ Once Anatomic Therapy administration is over, people suffering from diabetes, high/low blood pressure or any other disease can start tasting all kinds of sweets, fruits, oil-fried dishes and all other items they refrained from,without any restriction whatsoever and no need to reduce the intake of salt, tamarind and spicy (pungent) dishes as well. There are no food restrictions as well. Sounds eerie or magical? No It is nothing but a TRUTH.
➢ You shall be taught how to keep the mind in peaceful, joyful and tranquil state.
➢ What is difference between mind and the heart?
➢ Where do confusion, tension, fear, worry, anger, etc. emanate from? How are we to weed them out altogether?
➢ What do we mean by Conscious mind, Sub-Conscious mind, Super Conscious mind? What are the ways to regulate them?
➢ Note : 1 hour to talk preciously ; Upto 6 hours in elaboration.
➢ To attain ‘lifeless” state, one has to get a hundred marks.
➢ Karma Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Bhakthi Yoga and Gnana Yoga -- each at the rate of 25 marks -- totaling a hundred marks.
➢ One has to learn all these four Yogas [get a hundred marks] and attain the unique state of “Mukthi”.
➢ Duration : Precise Talk :- 1 hour & Detailed Talk :- 2 hours.
➢ Ways and means to bring about love, closeness, affection, togetherness and lead a peaceful life shall be imparted to all participants.
➢ Identification of 50 specific areas that cause friction among the husband and the wife -- the most dear ones.
➢ Knowledge of these “50 troublesome zones” shall avoid squabbles between them in future. If at all a quarrel erupts, both can compromise easily, averting aggravation or annoyance.
➢ Duration: Outlining : 1 hour & Elaboration : 2 hours.
➢ Whatever thing we think of shall soon materialize. But how are we to think effectively ?
➢ “Knock at the door, and it’ll open” : How are we to knock at the door to make it open at once ?
➢ ‘Ask for and it’ll be given’: How, what and whom to ask for ?
➢ Why are we alone held responsible for all things that happened, are happening, and shall happen to us ? How are we to regulate them judiciously?
➢ Note: Broad outline : ½ an hour ; With elaboration : 1 hour. [A movie in Tamil entitled ‘THE SECRET’ can be screened for 1 ½ hours.]
➢ The wonderful way of living as questions [?] is the effortless way to find instant solutions for family tangles, business problems, cracks in human relationships, indebted state, disease afflictions, sadness, worried, anger, litigations, disappointment and the like.
➢ Duration: Just ½ an hour only.
➢ The five fingers of our hands represent the five elements of Nature. By holding them in different positions for some time, we can reverse the malevolent effects of an element, to cure our ailments ourselves and lead a life of perfect health.
➢ Duration: Only ½ an hour to import this Therapy.
➢ There are 108 major Varma points. By activating just 21 important points called “Motor Points”, which control all our bodily systems, in a few minutes systematically daily, we can easily get rid of our afflicted diseases and lead a joyful life.
➢ Duration : Just ½ an hour.
➢ Why do small ailments like sneezing, catching a cold, runny nose, vomiting, fevers, etc. become incurable, chronic, stubborn diseases like cancers, AIDS ?
➢ Nature Cure Therapy is the unique method of driving them all away, without administration of any medicine or tablets, in a very natural way.
➢ This type of cure involves nasal passage cleaning, washing eyes, taking enema, oil pulling, gazing at the sun, banana-leaf bath, mud bath and cleansing the intestines shall be imparted by practical demonstrations.
➢ Inculcation of these techniques is taught for self-cure.
➢ Duration : Totally 3 hours to learn about all these processes.
➢ Feelings like anger, fear, low self-esteem, sense of guilt, disappointment and sorrow lie deep and dormant in our heart.
➢ Vipassana Meditation is meant to expel them all in just 10 days and keep our heart blank which leads us to a stress-free life.
➢ Duration Time: A mere 1 hour.
➢ Vasi Yoga is obviously the best among the various breath-regulating exercises in any part of the globe.
➢ Great Siddhars, Saints, Sages and Granis learnt and practised this Yoga and lived long, that too disease- free lives
➢ Till recently, to master this art of breathing, a disciple had to serve his Guru for 12 long years.
➢ I have been practicing it for 10 years. Yet, earnestly I admit that I have not acquired the proficiency to import it to others.
➢ But, by making you mentally picturize the efficacy of Vasi Yoga, I can make people clearly understand its intricacies. Also, I can explain whom you can authentically learn it from country-wise.
➢ Required time : A mere ½ an hour will do.
➢ Do you know the root cause of all pains like joint pain, hip pain, back pain, neck pain, calf-muscle pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain and cervical spondelaties ? The plain reason is that we do not work them out regularly. By learning the technique, they can be cured / prevented.
➢ Note: ½ an hour duration shall suffice. Requirement : Sufficient room for performing it, following demonstration.
➢ There are 24 stages in a full cycle of salutation to the Sun-God.
➢ By performing this cycle 13 times daily, one can lead a healthy life.
➢ Note: A mere ½ an hour is enough for demonstration. Sufficient room for the participants to perform them, following demonstration
➢ We can categorize all asanas into just 5 types : 1) Forward bending, 2) Backward bending, 3) Sideward bending , 4) Twisting [Screwing] the body both ways and 5) Neutralizing.
➢ Whenever we perform asanas on a daily-basis, the sequence should include at least one asana under each category.
➢ Participants shall be taught the order of asanas to be performed and sensitized what the most five efficient asanas are.
➢ Note : Only ½ an hour is required. {Sufficient room for performance, following demonstration}
➢ Savaasaana is an excellent yogic exercise. True to its name, it involves lying on the ground like a corpse, without the slightest bodily movement for 20 minutes.
➢ When one performs this asana correctly, the body, mind and brain (soul) attain tranquil state.
➢ Before start performing it, a person should have performed asanas for about half an hour, as to keep the body warm.
➢ Duration: We need only 20 minutes to perform this asana. Enough room for the participants to lie down flat on the ground is a necessity.
➢ People shall be taught three types of breathing exercises : namely, abdomen-region breathing, chest-region breathing any upper-chest region breathing.
➢ When Bhasthrika, Kapalapathy, Pranayama, Sudharshan Kriya and Agnisar are performed, the temperature of the body tends to increase.
➢ By performing Naadi Suddhi alone can one make the body temperature slightly raise or bring down.
➢ Duration: It shall take just ½ an hour to teach it. Sufficient room to make participants sit comfortably in an airy hall is the only requirement.
➢ When this unique Kavasa Meditation is performed, negative thoughts get transformed into positive ones.
➢ The performance of this type of meditation has the power to ward off negative actions and thoughts of others.
➢ Further, it can effectively repel the evil effects of black magic from affecting us. Requirements : Merely ½ an hour to learn and room for people to sit comfortably on the floor.
➢ There are 10 chakras in our body:
➢ 1. Mooladhar - Earth
➢ 2. Swathishtanam - Water
➢ 3. Manipooraham - Fire
➢ 4. Anagadham - Air
➢ 5. Visuthi - Space
➢ 6. Between the two eye-brows - Kriya sakthi[ Kriya Energy]
➢ 7. Top of the head - Karma Energy
➢ 8. Gnana Chakra
➢ 9. Bhakthi Chakra
➢ 10. Dhyana Chakra [ for meditation].
➢ By activating all these power-centres, one can have mastery over the five elements, the four Yogas and meditation.
➢ Duration : ½ an hour and hall to accommodate all participants to sit with comfort.
➢ Guru Dharsan Meditation is nothing but sitting comfortably with eyes gently closed and listening alternatively through your two ears and thus visualize things.
➢ The effects of this type of meditation can not sufficiently be explained in words -- they are to be felt better than spelt.
➢ While practising it, you shall have a feeling of floating gently in the air.
➢ Its wonderful effect pacifies mental agitations
➢ Duration: ½ an hour only. PLUS sufficient room for the participants to squat on the floor.
➢ Keep your eyes softly closed and keep lying on the floor, without falling asleep and simply listen keenly to what I say.
➢ This practice can easily take any person to a state of immersion into the deep recesses of the mind within 20 minutes.
➢ Yoga Nidhra records our aims of life on those inner pockets of the mind, which, in turn, induces us to become real performers.
➢ Before its performance, one should have performed some exercises for half an hour to make the body warm.
➢ Requirements: Room for the participantes to remain lying for just ½ an hour.
➢ Truly, it is a boon for people who complain that they do not have time to perform asanas.
➢ One can perform this dhyana for a mere 5 minutes daily, while travelling, in office or anywhere you like.
➢ It belongs to Toichi variety of meditation.
➢ By doing this meditation alone, you can get all the benefits derived by performing asanas for one full hour.
➢ Requirement : Sufficient room for participants to sit for its practice. Time : ½ hour only.
➢ Jothi Thratakam is ideally suited for kindling the Chakra at the point in between the eye brows on the forehead.
➢ It is to be performed in a dark room. You mind gets rejuvenated once Jothi Thratakam is done. Hence, it is very helpful for Professors, teachers, computer engineers , traders and all others who want to prosper.
➢ Duration: A mere 15-minute duration is enough.
➢ We sensitise people on world politics of which most of us have no knowledge, so far none has talked about and unbelievable incidents!
➢ Only a sect of 13 people are the cause for all deadly diseases, bad happenings elsewhere in the world, wars fought, misunderstandings among religions, economic down-fall and regional conflicts.
➢ This sect of 13 people is known by the title ”ILLUMINATIES” or “Secret Society”.
➢ Only these people are instrumental for the assassinations of great personalities like Gandhiji, Indra Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi, the members of the Bhuto dynasty in Pakistan, Sadam Husian. Osama bin Ladan, Diana, Abraham Lincon, John F. Kennedy, LTTE Prabhakaran, Nepolian, Subhash Chandra Bose and lakhs of such popular people around our globe.
➢ They are the bosses of all banks of the world, political parties, owners of companies of toilet-soaps, tooth-pastes, all consumer durables, TV channels, newspapers, controllers of share-markets, modes of transports, terrorist organizations known as ‘Morphia gangs’, large medical companies, food products, beverages and the like.
➢ Nothing takes place in any part of the world without their knowledge.
➢ They worship Lucifer, a lieutenant of Satan.
➢ They comprise ‘the Satans 666’ listened out in the Bible.
➢ They are the notorious Dejjal, the one-eyed monsters referred to in the Quran.
➢ They represent ‘the one-eyed 13 stars’ and ‘the 13 tiered-pyramid’ on American dollar notes.
➢ Their cardinal aim is to kill 140 crore of the world multitude by spreading deadly diseases and wars and to rule over idiotic 120 crore people with a single religion, one currency , one nation, armed forces under a single umbrella-power and one language.
➢ Their evil plan is entitled "THE WORLD NEW ORDER".
➢ The participants shall be taught:
➢ ‘Who are the Illuminaties?’ and ‘How are we -- the common people -- to frustrate their plans and lead a happy life ?’
➢ For the world to become a paradise to live in, one has to ever remain united and steadfast.
➢ Duration: To take preciously : 1 hour ; To talk in detail : 10 hours.
➢ What is share market? Who are its executives? Can we invest our money in it? Will we get any profit? Why do the prices of shares fluctuate (go up or come down)? What will be its fate in the long run? – Correct answers to many such queries shall be analysed.
➢ Share market is a fraudulent high-tech game played by the Illuminaties to squarely cheat avaricious fools.
➢ So far, out of the 1,000 people who have invested in this gamble, only one person has earned profits, by tactfully cheating the remaining 999 people. Even before learning some of the intricacies and nuances of the Share Market, those investors lose their money and become paupers.
➢ Share market is the right entity to punish those greedy people who put in practically no physical work but plan to thrive on others.
➢ I entreat you all not to invest in Share Market without consulting me.
➢ Time : Only an hour to lecture to avoid this huge impending catastrophe.
➢ Neuro-Therapy altogether involves no medicines and tablets!
➢ The pioneer of This new therapy is pioneered and engineered by Dr. Lajpat Roy Mehra, a Mumbai-based Indian physician.
➢ It can eradicate even the branded and certified “incurable diseases” like Down Syndrome, Autism, ailments associated with the mind, lack of sleep (insomnia), aches like those connected with the back, joints, hip and neck, the dreaded Muscular Dystrophy and a host of others.
➢ To learn and practise Neuro-Therapy, no basic education is needed – what is required is only enthusiasm to learn things new.
➢ If you call us, we shall come to your nation / State/ city (town) or village and teach you this therapy.
➢ Duration : 10 days at the rate of 3 hours per day.
➢ It is a monthly magazine and fully owned by our Organization.
➢ It contains varied articles on the new matters we have learnt on Health and World Peace.
➢ It is being published since August 2013.
➢ It serves as bridge linking us perfectly with the world around us.
➢ It serves as bridge linking us perfectly with the world around us.
➢ You can download its contents from our website FOR FREE
➢ The specialty of this magazine is that it carries articles on wide range of topics and interest.
➢ Kindly join our family of readers by paying the annual subscription
➢ Note: You may send us authentic articles and photographs of public interest. If they contain matters pertaining to the well-being of the society, they shall be published in our magazine.
➢ Organic Cultivation Colony
➢ Traditional / Conventional Seed Banks
➢ Home-Based Organic Cultivation
➢ Welfare of Women
➢ Normal Child Delivery
➢ Child Rearing
➢ Reikie Therapy
➢ How to become a self-taught astrologer
➢ You can argue your case yourself in courts
➢ World Peace, etc.
➢ By visiting our web-site www.anatomictherapy.org at least once every month, you shall learn our programs during the course of that month and share them with your friends and relatives.
➢ With the single objectives People all over the World should have access to good matters, we have been visiting many local towns and several countries for the past 8 years [since 2006] and delivering lectures. Our material like books, audios and videos are made available in languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Urdu, Malay and English are available at our web-site www.anatomictherapy.org and they can all be downloaded FOR FREE
➢ We preach to the global citizens with a rare missionary zeal with the sole intention “Let the benefits I’ve derived and collected from varied, varied sources over the years with enormous efforts reach my sisters and brothers everywhere in the world”. Likewise, you may voluntarily : Arrange our programs in your town.
➢ Distribute our books, CDs and DVDs FOR FREE to the participants. These materials of mine do NOT carry any copy-right tags.
➢ You can download them FOR FREE on pen-drives, hard-discs and spread our messages without my permission-written or otherwise. Anyone can propagate the useful matters contained in them in written/spoken mode.
➢ To spread good messages like peace and good habits among the people of the world, we have appointed as many as 30 employees. To meet their salaries, pay office-rent, internet connection payment, transport expenses, telephone bills, and like the expenditure as calculated for August 2014 alone comes to Rs. 6 lakh.
➢ Large hearted and noble minded people like you shall donate liberally for this unique cause and thus give us an impetus to serve the large society with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.
➢ These productive materials are to be translated into many more languages of India and the whole world.
➢ It shall be of immense help for us if knowledgeable people undertake the responsibility for every language into which translation work is undertaken.
➢ Note: Some unscrupulous anti-social elements, bent on making money by unlawful means by making use of my name and Anatomic Therapy sell some spurious powders, medicines, tablets / capsules, and indulge in such sort of bogus practices. They sell them among the general public by forceful means.
➢ When you happen to identify such ruthless elements, you may take appropriate action against them on my own behalf.
➢ Interested parties may book half an hour / one hour in public media like cable / satellite TV channels, radio and FM stations and call me. I shall come there in person and talk, as required. I am bound to thank personally such people who imbibe a true and rare concern for the uplifting their society.
➢ After getting my formal consent [approval] people can arrange to videos or TV channels FOR FREE.
➢ We can conduct classes in schools, colleges and association meetings, coming to the venue in person.
➢ Our programs are highly flexible -- ranging from a mere 1 hour to 5 full days. Depending upon the availability of time in your locality, we can talk on these subjects of your needs, precisely or elaborately.
➢ We should NOT like to lead an ordinary life -- like we were accidently born, ate our timely meals, grew up, earned money, got married, begot children and thus led a self-centered, unworthy, trivial life.
➢ Let every one of us spend at least one hour every day for the uplift of our society to create a peaceful world with :
➢ Healthy people and where love, benefaction and universal brotherhood reign serene and supreme.
➢ Creation of such a globe is in our hands. Verily, life is only an outcome of our own thoughts.
➢ Let the world prosper in all spheres.
➢ Let humane attitudes spread elsewhere and attain new culminations.
➢ Let us create such a genuine Utopia.