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Fine Arts
  We throw away so many things which we use daily in our life. Here after we can design those wastage things decoratively instead of throwing away. This is the concept of fine arts. This art is taught by Mr. Rajesh Transforming the unwanted papers as paste with adhesive gums and making statues, hand craft idols. Making the attractive mobile stands, pens out of the coconut tiles, making artful things out of the use and throw things like thermacol, cartoon boxes,engraving the waste wooden logs and creating beautiful statues, as well as utilizing the iron bars,tin sheets for making some useful things are the contend of this fine art.
  We can save the millions of trees by means of using the old papers and reducing the usage of papers. As well as when we converting all the wastages as useful things instead of throwing away the prosperity of the nature and it becomes as the economical implementation. Generally learning these fine arts and implementing is a great service to the society and the affluence of the nature. As well as all schools, colleges, self-assistances clubs, offices and charitable organizations should come forward to teach people the art of fine. All people will be benefited out of this.
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