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We are given the video link to get remedies for individual disease. So, kindly go to the column and click the link to get complete knowledge of it. Have a Healthy Life !
1. Introduction of Anatomic Therapy 74. Shall eat fruits & vegetables without boil?
2. Can the Birth Defect will cure? 75. Shall eat fruits at the time of cold attack?
3. Shall sleep by headed in the North Direction? 76. Is it necessary to take 6 tasted food at every time of meals.
4. How Blood Pressure(BP) comes? 77. Remedies for normal cold
5. Taking bath at the time of Fever 78. What to do if fits comes at the time of high fever?
6. Body Weight not reduced even after reducing the quantity of food in - taken 79. Is it possible to cure a heart attacked person?
7. Can Apply oil for joint pain? 80. What to do if eye lens has fixed?
8. What to do for Back pain? 81. What to do for common ulcer?
9. Stopped diabetic tablets but frequent urination and thristy feel continuous. What to do? 82. What to do for Spittle come in night time?
10. What to do for not secreting milk for breast feeding? 83. Can stop medicines if blood blockage in the brain?
11. Is it correct for applying lotions for skin diseases? 84. What to do for repeated vomiting & dizziness?
12. Solution for ulcer 85. Can consume sleeping pills?
13. Shall new hair form in bald head? 86. Vaccination - Explanation
14. What to do for not getting addiction of a particular taste? 87. Shall drink milk?
15. Shall eat Spinach (Keerai) at night hours? 88. Any categories in food ?
16. How to develope Memories? 89. Shall cover the ear in winter?
17. How to comes - out from the addiction of alcoholism & Smoking? 90. Balanced diet
18. Shall take two or three tablets at a time? 91. Tips to night shift working person
19. Is it correct taking of scan while conception? 92. Shall use night lamp while sleeping?
20. What is DUVA SLEEP? 93. Astrology
21. Can Sleep in synthetic mattress? 94. The ways for natural family planning
22. The remedy for bet wet 95. Brief about acid & alkaline
23. Which type inner wears have to wear? 96. Which type of footwear have to wear?
24. Shall go to the Hospital if any disease occur? 97. Can use fan during sleep?
25. Shall control the urine? 98. In any types can be included in diabetes?
26. Can colors give healthy boon? 99. Can cure coma?
27. Difference between Herbal Tea and Pure Water? 100. Shall boil cow milk?
28. Anatomic Malay video teaser 101. What to do for the secretion of insulin in pancreas?
29. How to accrue pure blood? 102. How to get strong and healthy body?
30. Shall sleep after taken lunch? 103. Why sleep defer after eating food?
31. Husband or wife, who is to take care of children? 104. Any appropriate methods for sleeping?
32. Walking is good or bad? 105. Yoga or gym, which is the best?
33. Can cure diseases through breathing therapy? 106. How to prepare nature food?
34. Shall do body massage? 107. Which is the best time to do yoga and meditaion?
35. How to cure side effects causing by the Allopath medicine? 108. Shall sleep after taken bath immediately?
36. What to do for face stroke? 109. Remedies for joint pain
37. Is it good while doing yogas? 110. Can drink tea & coffee?
38. Solution for mouth paralysis 111. Any reasons for indians can use outdoor toilet?
39. Pure blood cause normal delivery 112. Vaccination - A brief
40. Is the egg veg or non-veg? 113. What is the procedure of taking enima?
41. What is the difference between savasanas and yoganithra? 114. What is mind?
42. Air Therapy 115. Space therapy
43. Can cure Polio affected? 116. Water therapy
44. Why Tongue gets bitter at the time of Fever? 117. Earth therapy
45. Taste Therapy - Salt 118. Fire therapy
46. Which is pure cooking oil? 119. Six taste
47. Which type of Rice is a better quality one? 120. How to cure fits?
48. Shall eat ice-cream? 121. Can use body spray and deodorent?
49. Could a man save vital energy? 122. Why get a lung problem
50. When the yoga group performed badness of others affect us 123. Why all the Gnani are with beard?
51. Taking insurance policy is good or bad? 124. Can not sex?
52. Shall do blood donation? 125. Pyramid meditation
53. Taste Therapy 126. Solutions for eye problems
54. Astrology cures disease – Is it true - cannot believe. 127. Can use lip-stick?
55. What is the benefit of using turmeric to face? 128. Menstruation related problems
56. Is it good consuming of organic products? 129. Solution for hair problems
57. Can eat at empty stomach? 130. Difference between hungry and fasting
58. Shall watch T.V. by switching - off light? 131. Dreams while sleeping - good or bad
59. Can drink Sea water directly? 132. Paati vaithiyam - chenchi Patti
60. How to get fair Face? 133. Is the any side effects by cell phone radiation?
61. Fire wood or gas stove which is the best for cooking? 134. How to drink water?
62. Why getting eye pain while working computer? 135. Which is the best on eating - hot food or cool one?
63. How to Mudras works ? 136. Why don't feel thirsty when drinking tea and coffee?
64. Which Gooseberry is good? Hybrid of country one? 137. Can use Ice-cubes for inflammation?
65. Which is pure honey? 138. Can eat aleo vera?
66. What to do for hungry while on work? 139. Can eat fruits after taken food?
67. How to overcome bad habits? 140. Shall sleep immediately after eating?
68. Healer Baskar - Tv interview - Sakthi Tv 141. Which meditation is best?
69. Healer Baskar's Question & Answer -1 142. About Nammazhvar iyya by Healer Baskar
73. Shall take food supplementary? 145. Solution for acidity problem