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Who is Healer Baskar?
Baskar, was born in Selvapuram in the city of Coimbatore, Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, India. He was sick since his childhood. He used to have sores on his skin and all over his body. He used to apply a rose-colored medicine throughout his body ever since he was a small boy andalso used to get frequent headache. The headache was so severe that sometimes he felt like committing suicide.
In addition, he used to get indigestion and unbearable stomach ache. His eye sight also was not proper and also suffering from many other diseases such as lack of sleep, allergy to sound, etc. Whenever he told his mother and father about headache they would buy an oil or tablet and give him. But, it was not serving his headache continued in spite of using them. Sometimes, his pain and agony were very much unbearable.
Since his childhood, he used to go to a doctor in his town at least twice in a month and took a lot of medicines, tablets and injections. One day he asked the doctor, “Why am I getting so many troubles like these? Others in my house do not face these problems. What is the reason for this?” He replied, “You will understand only if you study M.B.B.S.” Then he understood that he also did not have the answer to his question. He got angry with him and never met him again.
Then he took homeopathic medicine for few years. Then tried nature cure, acupuncture, herbal medicine, Siddha medicine, etc. He tried all the medicines which are available, went to several places and spent a lot of money. But his diseases were not getting cured
Basker is a  B.E. graduate and also studied Diploma in Civil Engineering in MeenakshiAmmal Polytechnic in Uthiramerur in Kancheepuram District in Tamil Nadu in the year 1995. Then, he completed B.E. Civil Engineering in 1998 in Coimbatore Institute of Technology. Till that time, he was trying nature cure and local medicine since he was not economically well off.
Then he got a job and worked in L&T Coimbatore, Airport Chennai, Maharashtra, Veeranam Project, ICICI Bank and many other organizations at many places. He started with a salary of Rs.2000 per month and at one point of time,Hewas working for a salary of Rs.5lakh.
As he started earning more money, believed that his diseases could be cured by spending more money. As he met bigger doctors, took more tests and consumed more medicines and tablets and found that his disease was growing further. At one stage, when he was working in a private company, he had to go to the doctor every day and take an injection. Since the doctor was not ready to give the injection every day, he used to go to a different doctor everyday and took the injection.
Thus, he worked for a long time with the help of medicines and injections and one fine day ,he ran away from that company without informing them because he could not work any further in this condition.
Then he was bedridden in his house for one year. At that time, he came to one conclusion. From now onwards, he is the doctor for his body. There are so many doctors in this world who have studied a lot and have all the letters in the English alphabets behind their names. But they cannot cure any disease. When they do not know how to cure the disease, they are not doctors. So, he decided that, in his life from now onwards he is own doctor for his body.
Ever since he was a small boy, he used to read a lot of books and also used to cut all the articles concerned to medicine and health from newspapers and magazines and paste them in a notebook. There are many such notebooks in his house.
He used to experiment the treatments given in those books on himself for several months. But he did not get any benefit from them. For example, it was mentioned in a book that something should be done for curing headache. He followed it faithfully and observe. But his headache would not be cured. Then he used to correct the matter in the book using a pencil with remarks such as “This cannot be used for curing headache.”, “This thing will cure the headaches sometimes”, etc...
Thus, ever since his childhood, his focus of attention was only on keeping his body healthy and he never had any ambition that he should go for a job, earn money, get married, get children, buy car and bungalow, get name and fame, etc. It was because his body was a burden for himfor every second.
Now we are sharing with you all the knowledge that he gathered in his life by reading many books, by meeting many doctors and many Gurus and by visiting many places, staying for several days at several towns for keeping his own body healthy. Even when he kept on learning many things in this way, he was not getting clarity of thought.
As we read more and more medicine-related books, our disease only gets worsened and it does get cured. This is because whatever we read or see creates only a fear in us. All the explanations about medicine in the books and on the Internet only make a man more afraid about his health and they do not instill any confidence in him at all. Thus, as his medical knowledge increased, his disease also kept on increasing.
One day he met a person named Shri. Rangaraj in Koundampalayam in Coimbatore. He bored him by talking for two hours about just one topic. He spoke about the one point that we should not drink water while eating food and if we do so the food will not digest well. He kept on explaining about this matter from different angles for two hours. After two hours, heI somehow ended the talk and came out. Then he was abusing him in my mind saying, “What a boring person! He keeps talking about one point for two hours!”
When I reached home, I thought, “All right, let me try what he said.” I practised it for one week. Only then I understood it. I found a big change in my body. I understood on that day that diseases can be cured by slightly changing our habits.
After that, I remained with Shri. Rangaraj for several years and I learnt many things from him. What I learnt from him forms 40% of the content of this book. That laid the foundation for me. Then he introduced me to several Gurus. I met those Gurus and also many other Gurus in many places. I also read many books. Then I could understand many new concepts. Still, I felt that I was missing some more knowledge.
One day, he was sitting in his  my friend’s house, he saw a book by Vethathiri Maharishi. He got the opportunity to read the first 20 pages in that book. he came to know that all the cells in the body are of the same structure and also learnt about cytoplasm, protoplasm, nucleus, DNA, RNA, chromosome, genes and many other things.
This good knowledge opened his eyes. When he read about these, there was a fire in his mind. He understood that when all the cells in the body are of the same structure, separate treatment cannot be there for individual body parts and each and every disease.
Thus, in addition to his own experience of facing many diseases in his own life, He learnt a lot from Shri. Rangaraj and also from the book by Vethathiri Maharishi. When he started learning many other facts related to medicines, he understood one thing. That is, the mistakes being committed by the patient are the cause of all the diseases in the world. He understood that unless and until the patient corrects his mistakes, his diseases cannot be cured by any medicine or any doctor in this world.
Then He started doing research on what are the various mistakes committed by the people around the world and how these mistakes can be corrected. In fact, He was not doing this research for teaching others. He was actually doing it, without any other alternative, for curing his own body and for saving his own life.
At one stage, when he understood many things are started and implementing them, all the diseases left his body. He became very healthy. From a person who was a patient for 24 hours, He was transformed into a person who was healthy throughout the year with enormous energy and started living with peace, clarity of mind and confidence.
Then he started informing his friends and relatives about these procedures and guidelines. Then he pondered one day about what hewant to do in his life. Many people in this world have studied that what he have studied in college and they are working in that field. But there is no one in this world to teach people about how to be healthy. Then he immediately resigned the job from the company where he was working and started thinking how he can make a beginning.
Initially, he printed pamphlets and notices saying, “All those who have diseases are invited to come and listen to his talk for 4 hours. If you follow this your disease will be cured”. he distributed 10000 notices in Coimbatore and hired a hall for the meeting. And gave the notices to the public by standing alone in front of parks and temples and also going door to door. But, finally no one turned up to listen to his talk.
Those who saw the notice asked him so many questions such as, “Who are you? What have you studied? Do you have Government permission? Doctors say that sugar disease cannot be cured. How can you claim that it can be cured? What is your father’s name? What is your address? What is your age? In case we do your treatment and it is not successful, will you give us compensation? How can we believe what you say?”
People asked many more such questions. Some people even asked, “If you talk for four hours and we get bleeding in our ears, will you supply cotton to wipe it out?” Finally, no one attended the session. Even those very few persons who turned up at the venue did not sit to listen to his speech.
Thus, even after hiring halls for rent in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Pollachi and other towns, hiring mike sets and distributing several thousands of pamphlets, nobody came to listen his speech. In some places he used to be sitting alone without any audience. Then slowly people started coming. When some of them started implementing this and started getting cured, they sent some more people to his sessions.
Thus, this treatment, that was going on without much progress and with meagre public response for about two and a half years, finally began to take off. Today, people in several countries are following this and getting benefits. Several millions of people keep on informing us through our website www.anatomictherapy.org and also through Face book and email and also through you tube about the benefits they have received by following this treatment.
So, the basic feature of our treatment is that the mistakes being done by the patient are the cause of all diseases. Once the mistake is set right, the disease will get cured on its own. There is no medicine or tablet in this treatment.
Today, several millions of people all over the world have been benefited by this treatment. Everyday about 500 people call us on phone to get their doubts cleared. We have employed several people in our office to answer these calls. Moreover, we have arranged for free download of all DVDs, videos, audios and books from our website. We have also made the videos available on www.youtube.com so that the people all over the world can get access to the treatment.
In addition to these, we are propagating these matters by conducting direct contact sessions in different towns in various countries of the world to about 500 to 1000 people per session free of charge or taking a nominal amount only for the food supplied. We have also undertaken the translation of this treatment in all the languages.
We are doing all these with the sole objective that all the people in the world should be healthy. Therefore, those who desire to give financial help for this noble cause can send their donations as per the details given below. But it is sad that some people are taking donations under the name of this treatment and also through some other websites without our permission.