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What is Anatomic Therapy?
1.How to cure all the disease without taking medicine?
2.How to cure diabetic by eating sweet?
3.How to overcome obesity without concentrating on diet ?
4.How to keep the mind in peaceful?
5.How to keep the mind with positive thoughts ?
6.How to love your  life partner?
7.How to cure Bp by eating salt?
In this wide world, for any diseases, treatment is given to patient either by the means of medicines, injections, Acupuncture, Touch Therapy, Varma, etc. or by making them perform Asanas, Mudras, etc. (self-treatment methods). But Anatomic Therapy is unique, as it distinguishes itself as altogether different from all such methods of treatment and always bears positive results.
Once Anatomic Therapy administration is over, people suffering from diabetes, high/low blood pressure or any other disease can start tasting all kinds of sweets, fruits, oil-fried dishes and all other items, without any restriction.No need to reduce the intake of salt, tamarind and spicy (pungent) dishes as well. There is no food restriction. Sounds eerie or magical? No It is nothing but a TRUTH.
It is absolutely enough if this Anatomic Therapy is taken only once and practiced systematically. Participants have to patiently spend totally 6 hours for its dispensation.
A gland of our body secretes a fluid that cures all the prevalent diseases in the globe. Healer’s Baskar teaches us: What the names of that gland and the fluid is; where it is located and professes lucidly how the patients themselves can make it easily secrete the vital fluid right through their lives.
Irrespective of the name and nature of their diseases, patients have to merely listen to Healer Baskar’s elaborate health-discourse. The contents of his speech, passing through their ears, act as soothing panacea and effectively treat all their diseases.
The dispensation of this therapy is absolutely free. Once discourse is over, to meet the cost of the hall-rent, printing charge of hand-bills and the like,you may magnanimously donate an amount to suit your convenience and thus help the organizers to conduct many more such programs for the benefit of the general public.
Medical practitioners or those interested in Anatomic Therapy can come in person and learn it free of cost. Administration of this therapy shall be done to those who are not able to make it to this momentous meeting and others interested to get rid of their diseases through our DVDs.
If a group of about 500 people requires Healer Baskar’s health-discourse, dispensation, FREE Therapy shall be done at colleges, schools, ashrams, apartments, old age homes, marriage halls, auditoria, cinemaTheaters, etc.
This Anatomic Therapy is not based on any particular religion. So, with – stretched arms we solicit the presence of people from all religions and walks of life.
For more details, you can contact Healer Baskar on mobile phone numbers: +91-9944221007 and +91-9842452508.