Welcome to Anatomic Therapy Foundation
What is Anatomic Therapy?
Anatomic Therapy Foundation serves the citizens of the world. Our aim is 'restoring good health' of the humans by making them perform simple exercises from mother nature, handed over to us by the great sages of the past and the wondrous systems they created for us all to lead a hale and healthy life.

Anatomic 'Healing through Hearing' therapy is delivered absolutely free of cost to all our fellow human beings , almost every day, via conducting workshops in schools, colleges, offices, apartments, community halls, and public places. Till date an approximate 1 million people took  part in the workshops and derived immense health benefits.

The noble sages invented systematic means of preserving health and spread it among humanity without locking it up for a fortunate lot.  Our motto is also the same. We advised  the 1+ million people who have benefitted through our  Anatomic 'Healing through Hearing' therapy workshops to spread what they learn among their friends, neighbours and relatives. They are free to make copies of the DVDs and the Books that they receive when they attend the workshop and distribute them to anyone, free of cost without business / commercial motives. As a first step, we don't lock our DVDs and we don't put any copyright tags on our books.
We conduct a 5 day special Anatomic 'Healing through Hearing' therapy workshop during various times of the year which is open to anyone in the public domain. Here, the participants are put through a intense diet, meditation, yoga, varma, mudra, banana leaf bath, mud bath, inner illumination dhyana(meditation), husband-wife equation, eye-nose-intestine cleansing routines.  These workshops have produced amazing results where individuals are totally healed of their various health disorders, simple to life threatening. The founder, Healer Baskar is personally involved in delivering various components of the workshop face-to-face.
For everyone in the world to live a life soaked in good health, love, clarity, tranquility, smartness, peace, prosperity, lasting happiness and profound inner joy, Healer Baskar has undertaken the work of publishing a monthly magazine called 'STAY TRANQUIL STAY HEALTHY' (Amaidhiyum Aarokkiamum). All our friends should surely subscribe and start enjoying the wonderful benefits of great health and tranquil mind through the life changing messages in the magazine.
We are against people carelessly popping in drugs and chemicals and assure all that the God given body is the most powerful thing to heal itself.
THUS, OBVIOUSLY - We don't sell ANY drugs or concoctions.
Many fraudsters are selling drugs / concoctions illegally under our banner. You are at your own risk dealing with such fraudsters and their products. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any harm those drugs / concoctions can cause. Please AVOID THEM AT ALL COST.
We strive to just RAISE AWARENESS in all humans, help them REALIZE. That is our ONLY OBJECTIVE. In simple terms, WE EDUCATE.
We will speak to all through our ONLY WEBSITE www.anatomictherapy.org and we don't have any other website.