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Five Day Residential Camp Level - 2
  The features of the anatomic therapy practice are strengthening the love in between man and woman, enjoyable family life, welfare of the family life, the clarity of intelligence, hygienic of mind and health of the body. An individual can learn all important matters for living in this material world from this five days camp. The training will be provided for keeping your body as healthy and moulds you as an expert. Having apprehended the secret of this existence we can learn to success of the events and receiving the aspiring the things.
  In addition to that we may learn the love meditation, peace meditation which will transform the unwanted thoughts of the subconscious mind as positive thoughts. The expanded guidance will be provided for approachment of education, politics, society, organic agriculture, the awareness of law and small-scale industry. The second stage of anatomic therapy would help you for maintaining the body and mind also motivating you to become a great man. The second level practice will be very helpful to the persons who had been trained from first level. Everybody can participate in this training which is conducted by Healer Baskar.
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