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Five Day Residential Camp Level - 1
  This is a five days camp which would regenerate our body and mind from a natural place. This basic course would help us to keep our mind as peace and happy moreover how to cure ourselves from whatever disease which develops from our body without any tablet and medicine. The hygienic life based with two attitudes, one is recover from disease, another one is to follow the fundamentals of immunity of body, in addition to that we may learn very elaboratively to keep the mind peacefully. This course is consisting with exercise, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Naluma yoga which will be easily practicable up children to elders.
  Moreover, we may learn more informative subjects through this course which should be known by every individual. As below mentioned earning through small scale industries, the nutritious and natural food preparing, the herbal drinks, the traditional organic agriculture, the awareness of law, the knowledge of world political, share market, family health, social welfare, peace of world. Miscellaneous of people have been participating and benefiting through the course from worldwide which is conducted by Healer Baskar.
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